About Us?

About Us

We are a small Not for Profit organisation specialising in the delivery and administration of Home Care Packages.

Founded by passionate people with many years of experience working with large traditional providers, we believe we can offer you a more personal, individually focused and greater value Home Care Package experience.

Our Mission: To provide excellent value, personal Home Care Package Services with an emphasis on enhancing the lives our clients .....

We maintain a planned and proactive approach to fulfilling our Mission objectives:

Excellent Value: We believe that we offer among the very best Fee and Service Pricing structures available which means more funds are available for you.

How: We have built Avida Care from scratch ensuring we implement the best possible processes and utilise the most up-to-date and efficient practices to meet our current requirements. We are a specialist Home Care provider and as such all our resources are focused on Home Care.

Personalised Care: At Avida Care we are passionate about enhancing the lives of the people we care for. We work with our clients to try and understand their physical, mental and social goals and like to think laterally about how these goals can be met. For many clients Home Care can mean much more than just providing personal care and domestic assistance, and that's where we shine.

Avida Care has a capped number of clients we work with to ensure we can maintain a personal, high quality service for our clients. We want to be a great provider, not a large one.